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Environmental Governance

30x30 Actions for a Sustainable Europe
#Think2030 Action Plan 


After more than half a century of peace and rising living standards, Europe’s current economic, political and social model is heading for a crisis. Europe’s economy is failing to eliminate poverty, provide employment for all and address rising  nequalities. These failures are both fuelling existential doubts about the future of the European project as well as calls for taking back control of national destinies. Meanwhile, the message from scientists is unequivocal: the high-carbon, resource and energy intensive nature of Europe’s growth is unsustainable. It is also creating a persistently toxic environment, leading to premature deaths: for instance, life expectancy in Europe’s 25 most polluted cities could increase by almost 2 years, if air pollution was adequately addressed. In a context of a rising global population and accelerating environmental degradation, the intensifying competition over natural resources is also becoming a major threat to Europe’s peace and security. 
Baldock, D. and Charveriat, C. 2018. 30x30 Actions for a Sustainable Europe, #Think2030 Action Plan. The Institute for European Environmental Policy. 

Development of an assessment framework on environmental governance in the EU Member States 

This report arises from the Commission’s Environmental Implementation Review process, a biennial assessment of Member State performance on implementation of EU environmental law and policy. It addresses an issue identified in the 2017 review as a root cause of implementation weaknesses; poor environmental governance.
The report outlines the development of, and the rationale for, a standard assessment template, the Environmental Governance Assessment (EGA). It provides information from a first application of the EGA to the Member States, and outlines an approach to categorisation of Member State performance on a subset of the questions addressed in the EGA. It then draws some general lessons and offers recommendations, both for the future development of the EGA process, and on environmental governance itself. 

European Commission
No 07.0203/2017/764990/SER/ENV.E.4   Final report May 2019 

Water Europe

Annual Report 2019/2020

The period 2019-2020 has been an intense and exciting year for Water Europe with activities on all fronts. Three successful annual WE events with over 500 participants were held, more than 600 matchmaking sessions took place, four new strategic publications, a strong presence at the EIP Water 2019 Conference in Zaragoza, and many other actions that may not be measurable in numbers but that they still count a great deal. Chief among them in 2019 was the adoption of our new name ‘Water Europe’ that accurately reflects our evolution and our vision for the future. 
‘Water Europe’ has been fondly embraced by the EU water sector not only as a stronger brand name but also for what it brings along: A broader, more inclusive platform that represents the full water value chain and paves the way for the full transition to a Water-Smart Society. In the wake, the name change Water Europe decided to take its advocacy programme on step further and start putting in place the drivers for innovation in European Water policy and legislation based on our Water Vision and societal responsibility taking into account the latest scientific and technological developments and what is financially sustainable. Internally, we also have firmly established a more complete and inclusive governance with the participation of Board members, Vison Leadership Teams, Working Group Leaders, and Policy Advisory Committee which now better collaborate and communicate with each other for an effective WE ambassadorship.